Van Gogh Alive – The Experience arrives in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking for new things to do in Dubai – then look no further! Forget your weekly Mall of the Emirates shop or going to Dubai Parks and Resorts, check out Van Gogh Alive at Abu Dhabi National Theatre (January 14th – February 26th) and at Dubai Design District (March 11th – April 23rd). 

But this is no ordinary exhibition! If you’re stuck for where to go in Dubai, Van Gogh Alive combines a specially chosen score of classical music with over 3000 images. You’ll see some of the artist’s most famous paintings as well as other inspirational images displayed on the walls, floor and ceiling of the exhibition using 40 high-definition projectors – it’s not to miss! 

In what will be one of the best places to visit in Dubai, visitors are introduced to a unique symphony of light, colour and sound as the artist’s famous artworks are shown in their entirety, broken down into highlighted sections or magnified on a huge scale. More than just another Dubai exhibition, Van Gogh Alive is a full-sensory, multi-media experience that is a world away from the traditional, often silent and sometimes unnerving, gallery shows.

Whether you’re a tourist looking for Dubai attractions or if you’re simply looking for activities in Dubai, the exhibition is the perfect day out not only for adult art lovers but for families too as youngsters get the chance to playfully interact with the paintings and pictures on display. 

Visitors will feel as though they are immersed in Van Gogh’s art, as waves of images and sound wash over them and fill the exhibition space.